What About TV9 Logo,Will It Remain With RP
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Here is yet another interesting news, or gossip, with regard to former chief executive officer of popular Telugu television news channel TV9 V Ravi Prakash.

According to these reports, investigating agencies probing the alleged cheating and conspiracy by Ravi Prakash, as alleged by the new management of the channel Alanda Media and Entertainment Private Limited, have found that all the rights on the trademark design and logo of TV9 are vested with Ravi Prakash and not the management.

Reports said documents revealed that it was Ravi Prakash who was the rightful owner of the logo and design of TV9 under the Copy Right Act and that he had given the logo to the previous management only on lease for a certain period which is being renewed periodically.

“So, the channel management doesn’t have the absolute rights over the logo and design and Ravi Prakash can withdraw the lease as and when he wants and that is what he had done after the clash with the new management. He has not sold the logo to anybody else but has assigned it to Mojo TV for a short period for Rs 99,000 to be on the safe side,” sources said.

Having realised that it has no right on the logo, the new management is now planning to rename the channel and do re-branding of it, sources added.



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